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Soy Sauce 1lt

Best Before: 02.02.2024 / Yamasa insist on making products through traditional methods. The soy sauce has a delectably rich flavor with a crisp, spicy aroma and brilliant red color. The preferred brand selected by many of Japan’s finest restaurants, Yamasa produces a slow-brewed soy sauce that is fermented and free of all artificial flavorings. It provide several container types to accommodate your needs. 83.75
246.00 TL (including vat)
221.40 TL (including vat)


YAMASA Corporation began producing soy sauce in Choshi, Chiba prefecture. With its humid climete, cool summers and warm winters, It is the perfect location for producing great tasting soy sauce. Since then, we have continued to produce the very best soy sauce using state-of-the-art technology and traditional brewing methods that remain unchanged since 1645.

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