Gochujang Brown Rice Korean Red Pepper Paste 500gr %10


Gochujang Brown Rice Korean Red Pepper Paste 500gr

Best Before: 24.07.2024 Gochujang (Red Pepper Paste) is one of the major traditional fermented condiments used in Korean cuisine. Its savory and pungent taste is created with brown rice, fermented soybeans and red pepper powder. Produced in Sunchang, Korea which has clean water and moderate temperature make high quality Gochujang tastier. It can be used as a condiment, meat marinade, or even added to soups and stir-fry dishes for a spicy kick. Ingredients: tapioca syrup, water, brown rice, red pepper powder, salt, alcohol (to preserve freshness), soybean, garlic, onion.
265.00 TL (including vat)
238.50 TL (including vat)


O’Food is the global brand of Korea’s leading food brand, Chung Jung One. With iconic Korean pantry staples such as Gochujang, O’Food continues to lead the 5,000 years of Korean culinary culture with the commitment to authenticity and quality in flavours. Since 1956, O’Food have perfected the art of healthy Korean fermentation and we are continuously inspiring foodies around the world with delicious, healthy and creative ways of adding Korean twists to the dishes.

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